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KS2 English SAT Buster 10-Minute Tests: Reading (for the New Curriculum) (C…

This book of SAT Buster 10-Minute tests is a brilliant way to introduce KS2 English SATS preparation in bite-sized chunks – and it’s fully up-to-date for the tests in 2016 and beyond. Each set of quick tests includes reading questions in the style of the real SATS, with texts that progress in difficulty throughout each set. Answers are included, along with a handy progress chart to help work out which level children are working at. CGP 10-Minute Tests books are also available for Grammar,…

Ks2 English

ISBN 10 : 1841461601
ISBN 13 : 9781841461601

KS2 English Writing Buster - Fiction Writing - Book 2..

Ks2 Maths Question Book

ISBN 10 : 1847621856
ISBN 13 : 9781847621856

This book contains a range of practice questions for every topic in Key Stage Two Maths, with fun cartoons to help keep kids interested. Complete answers are included at the back...

Gcse Shakespeare

ISBN 10 : 1841461164
ISBN 13 : 9781841461168

GCSE English Shakespeare Text Guide - Macbeth..

The Mixed Up Chameleon

ISBN 10 : 1442010045
ISBN 13 : 9781442010048

A chameleon changes more than just its color when it takes on the characteristics of animals seen in the zoo..

Ks1 English

ISBN 10 : 1782944613
ISBN 13 : 9781782944614


Ks2 Complete Sats Practice Papers

ISBN 10 : 1847620418
ISBN 13 : 9781847620415

KS2 Complete SATs Practice Papers - Science, Maths and English..

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